With direct printing on acrylic glass or Plexiglass your presentations will turn into eye catchers. .




What we have known for years from art, the presentation of photographs or graphics behind acrylic glass (Lumasec), becomes an equivalent for the consumer sector through direct printing on acrylic glass or Plexiglass. 

The fields of application of this production process are versatile. Whether as decoration in the offices and ambience or for high-quality presentation in shops and for interior design, image displays on acrylic glass are quickly becoming the highlight and attention of every high-gloss design. But this production technique also has its effect when used in trade fairs and changes a former qualitatively high-valued image into an extraordinary eye-catcher. 

The additional print of the colour white as a form of foundation is recommended for larger print images, which have to be presented on the wall. By installing the print on aluminium Di bond, the colours appear to be more intense and the entire design receives additional stability. Naturally there is a limit to the size, as the implementation depends on the availability of plexiglass panels and their standard sizes. It is nonetheless possible to join two or more panels to an overall composition in order to implement the requirement of over-dimensional prints.

We offer you a plethora of implementation possibilities with our highly-developed production techniques, so that you can give free reign to your imagination and creativity. 

Backlighting …
Effectiveness is enhanced by additional backlighting of plexiglass panels, whose strength can vary as required between 5 and 15 mm.

Diversity of shapes …
Extraordinary shapes can be created by milling and bending the plexiglass. In this manner, for example, the company’s nameplate will become an object presentation.

Room divider …
With our various mounting options your prints can be projected on the wall or hung freely suspended in the room so as to provide a completely new sense of space.  

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