Bent piping rails – a new playing field for your ideas of form.

Printstars in Bronze für vertical vision




This product was optimally developed for the requirements of vertical vision and can fulfil nearly every individual wish of our customers and thereby expand the options of implementation of many extraordinary ideas: flexibility in the literal meaning of the word, since the new welt tracks can be bent in nearly any radius in all directions starting at 100 mm and take on nearly any form.

Prints can be one-sided or double-sided – so that information is presented with an optimal view on both sides. The print consists of an elastic stretch material developed specially for the requirements of vertical vision. The stretchability of the material provides for a crease-free implementation of the most difficult designs. 

In interplay with our colour management, an excellent, brilliant print image emerges which optimally implements your ideas of colour. The only exceptions are special, neon or metallic colours. The colours are highly effective and brilliant thanks to our “press” and are thus an absolute highlight for any trade fair stand. 

This system can easily be suspended from the ceiling with steel cables and quickly endowed with a piping banner with visible rails or invisible with hemstitch, with the assistance of our stable rail slider. Ideal for trade fair presentations or events of any kind. We can also offer this product in over-dimensional sizes thanks to our experience in the field of mega-prints. vertical vision offers you the complete service package from graphic designs via print and manufacture up to the installation at the trade fair stand – throughout Germany.   

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